What is so special about a PennCEF event? Why should I attend? Who should attend? What are the outcomes for attending PennCEF events? Graduating from a top accelerator or incubator can be as career-defining for a startup founder as an elite university diploma. The intensive programs, which are often just a few months long, help startups refine and grow before a “pitch day” to potential investors and press. Such schemes provide mentorship, money and networking, often in exchange for equity in the company..

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  1. What matters is understanding the hows
  2. Because at the end of the day
  3. The closer we get to understanding those things
  4. whys of trends’ emergence and adoption.

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Even so, many believe there are less problematic and more effective ways to approach outdoors overcrowding than to avoid geotagging – it’s just not that simple. In her blog post, Williams recommends structural reforms for the USA, such as pushing for the promotion of state parks (which are typically less crowded than national parks) and more broadly backing initiatives that educate the public about environmental stewardship.

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Sample Events

PennCEF holds events throughout the year, in various parts of the state. These events are designed to educate, advocate and engage stakeholders in our clean energy future. Each event is carefully planned to highlight some type of energy generation which is good for the environment and the economy.

Currently, the following events are being held in conjunction with National Clean Energy Week (NCEW)

Ely Farm, Newtown, PA – live and streamed

The Ely Farm, in eastern Bucks County, generates most if not all of its electricity by generating power through solar. The Ely family and their work are a great example of using solar energy to sustain a family business.

Giant Foods, Carlisle, PA – (live and streamed)

Giant Foods is the largest grocery chain in Pennsylvania and Maryland. In the PA Headquarters in Carlisle the company has built a solar field with a dual purpose. Beehives are used on the same land to help mitigate colony collapse disorder.

Tom Ridge Environmental Center, Erie, PA (With Senator Dan Laughlin) – live and streamed
Former Governor Tom Ridge is a Pennsylvania leader who has always been environmentally minded. The Tom Ridge Environmental Center uses solar energy, performs research, and educates people about the Presque Isle environment.

Solar Permitting in Pennsylvania (webinar only)

A recent study found that approximately 90% of Pennsylvania’s municipalities have no process in place to award permits for the development of solar energy. With demand rising, PennCEF is encouraging local governments to be proactive and develop these standards now.

Come join us to learn about the current state of permitting in the Commonwealth, what one other state has done to support this demand and what the US Department of Energy is doing through a funded program to support local municipalities.

Have Questions?

To learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Chad Forcey by phone 717-645-9055 or by email chad.forcey@penncef.org