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Petition to Support and Pass Community Solar Legislation (HB 531)

Petition Summary & Background

The freedom to choose is fundamental to our representative democracy and to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We
call upon our elected officials to support the freedom to choose our choice of energy.

Community solar programs remove governmental obstacles to residents, farms and businesses who seek to generate solar
electricity. Estimates are that investors will spend 2 billion dollars in Pennsylvania on solar projects if this governmental
obstacle is removed. Community solar programs help rural families keep their farms by offering a steady stream of
revenue, making it easier to make ends meet.

Community solar programs:

  • Allow residents, farms and businesses to reduce their energy costs.
  • Make farms more sustainable.
  • Give us the freedom to choose how we use our land and our source of energy.
  • Will bring $2 billion in investments to Pennsylvania.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Create jobs and bring investments to our community.