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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum (PennCEF) website!

We proudly state the following:

– Energy diversity is good for all of our citizens. We don’t denigrate Pennsylvania’s legacy energy industries — including coal, natural gas and nuclear. We DO believe that clean and renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass ought to have the same market access and development freedoms that our traditional sources already have.

– Land rights are a necessary component of a free and democratic society. If farmers and property owners are restricted by state or local governments, or by utilities, from installing clean and renewable energy on their land, it is counter to their rights as Pennsylvanians and as Americans.

– Economic development and jobs are the hallmarks of our movement. In PA, clean energy jobs currently stand at 90,000 plus and are growing at a rate of 6% annually.

– National security must be preserved. More diverse and local energy here at home means greater resiliency in the face of foreign attack or natural disaster, and freedom from endless overseas conflict. We encourage you to explore our online resources, and join the movement!

Chad A. Forcey
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum