Individual Support—Join Us In Making A Difference

PennCEF’s Executive Director, Chad Forcey has set up a simple GoFundMe to which any donation made can help make an impact! Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me. Please know that your generous donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Corporate Support—Join Us In Making A Difference

PennCEF and its corporate partners believe that renewable energy is the key to diversifying Pennsylvania’s energy mix, making our grid more reliable, affordable, and sustainable. The PennCEF Leadership Council is comprised of notable, conservative leaders in the federal, state, and private-sector arenas and as an organization, we engage the energy and environmental stewardship conversation with a principled, conservative approach. The combination of PennCEF’s respected membership and conservative principles gives the organization credibility with conservative audiences and a unique voice in the environmental sustainability community.

With the support of our corporate partners, PennCEF puts that credibility to work to amplify an all-of-the-above energy strategy with action-oriented policies, including Commercial PACE and Community Solar.

In recent years, a growing number of policymakers and other leaders have embraced these efforts, exemplifying the efficacy of PennCEF’s message and influence. PennCEF is proud to champion these policies which create jobs, foster economic development, ensure national security, and secure farm and land rights.

Corporate partners ensure PennCEF’s continued delivery of this enduring approach:

  1. We consistently reach voter constituencies and policymaker audiences other organizations have yet to successfully engage.
  2. We demonstrate the need for cleaner air, cleaner water, and a reduced carbon energy footprint for our children and grandchildren concurrent with the smart development of Pennsylvania’s energy portfolio.
  3. We represent a different approach, reinforced by qualified leadership and a conservative perspective, which enables us to advance policy initiatives and programs with a greater, tailored impact.
  4. To be successful, any efforts to secure Pennsylvania’s energy and environmental sustainability require support and a pro-renewable position on all sides of the political aisle. With the backing of corporate partners, PennCEF provides the critical education, encouragement and engagement needed to build support for a sustainable energy future.

Corporate Support Levels
How to support PennCEF’s all-of-the-above energy strategy

Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the smart development of Pennsylvania’s energy portfolio PennCEF’s Corporate Donor program aligns the tax-deductible support from our corporate friends to critical components of the PennCEF mission. Any level of contribution is appreciated—and directly supports the organization’s mission.

Founding Partners | $10,000

Founding Partners ensure the continuity of PennCEF’s mission and long-term commitment to fostering an all-of-the-above approach to Pennsylvania’s energy portfolio by providing critical support for operations, communications, and event planning. These donors provide the resources needed to maintain the organization’s work on behalf of all Pennsylvania energy interests now and into the future.

Founding Level – logo on our website, logo on all virtual and printed materials, recognition in our bi-monthly newsletter, membership in the PennCEF Public Affairs Committee, sponsorship listing for PennCEF’s annual board meeting, and an opportunity to present to Board members

Sustaining Partners | $5,000

Sustaining Partners further PennCEF’s annual outreach, education and engagement efforts, providing critical operating support and reinforcing a conservative approach to fostering renewable energy in Pennsylvania. These donors provide reliable and strategic support to secure Pennsylvania’s energy future—today.

Sustaining Level – logo on our website, recognition in our bi-monthly newsletter, annual co-branded op-ed drafting and placement, membership in the PennCEF Public Affairs Committee

Education Partners | $2,500

Education Partners support PennCEF’s communications and outreach agenda, enabling the organization to develop and disseminate educational messaging about the advantages of diverse energy resources. We seek to consistently provide informational resources on how to best facilitate smart development, to build awareness and support for Pennsylvania’s energy transition. These donors support the education and engagement of decision-makers statewide.

Education Level – logo on our website, recognition in our bi-monthly newsletter, annual co-branded op-ed drafting, and placement

Grassroots Partners | $1,000

Grassroots Partners strengthen our on-the-ground efforts, amplifying PennCEF’s outreach through on-site engagements, participation in events, and activities to directly educate state leaders and other stakeholders. Grassroots donors keep PennCEF in the critical conversations moving Pennsylvania energy forward.

Grassroots Level – logo on our website, recognition in our bi-monthly newsletter

Custom Programming Partners

PennCEF is excited to learn about your company’s individual priorities and corporate giving goals. Whether your company would like to partner with us for tailored outreach, a regional focus, to highlight a particular issue, or to foster a new program, PennCEF is eager to learn more. Please reach out to Executive Director Chad Forcey to discuss your interests.

Download Corporate Support Form

If you’d rather download the form and donate by check please download the PennCef Corporate Sponsorship form below.

Please know that your generous donations are 100% tax-deductible. Please contact PennCEF to discuss how your partnership can support sustainable energy development of all types across the Commonwealth.

Get Involved

We offer a variety of ways for you to engage with us. To learn more about how you can get involved with PennCEF or if you have general questions, please contact Chad Forcey by phone at 717-645-9055 or by email at