Community Solar Offers Customer Choice, Competition, and Bill Savings

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Date: August 9, 2021
Author: Landon Stevens

Community Solar Legislation has been languishing in the Pennsylvania Legislature for years.  A recent Penn State study found that 1.8 trillion dollars are waiting to be invested in the Commonwealth should Community Solar programs be allowed.  This enabling legislation, favored by most members of both parties, has for too long been opposed and held up by utility companies who look after their self-interests and not their customers.  This opinion piece, written by the Policy Director of the Conservative Energy Network, Landon Stevens makes the case well why all states should enact legislation and policy which will benefit energy consumers.

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Chad Forcey comes to PennCEF with considerable experience in the world of advocacy. Forcey served the Irrigation Association and the PA Landscape and Nursery Association. He was the personal aide to Governor Mark Sweiker during his tenure in Harrisburg. An articulate spokesperson and seasoned writer, he works to educate, advocate, and engage Pennsylvanians to transition to clean energy in ways that bring jobs to the Commonwealth, make sense economically, protect land rights and guard our national security.
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