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Land & Liberty Coalition Launches In Pennsylvania

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April 12, 2021 ­– HARRISBURG, Pa. – Today, the Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum (PennCEF) announced the launch of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Land & Liberty Coalition (PA-L&LC).  

The coalition is a grassroots organization created to partner with landowners, community leaders, economic development groups, clean energy businesses and elected officials to promote commonsense policies that advance renewable energy while protecting and benefiting local communities. Other L&LC chapters can be found in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.

“The Land & Liberty Coalition helps connect local citizens who support clean energy development in their communities and equips them with the tools and information they need to navigate the siting of utility-scale renewable projects,” said Jackson Keith, Land & Liberty Coalition director. “The coalition is already shown success in rural communities across the Midwest and Texas – and we are thrilled to be expanding our efforts to the Keystone State.”

“The Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum recognized the need for grassroots involvement in clean energy development here in Pennsylvania and by launching a Land & Liberty Coalition chapter we hope to empower local communities to take on a greater role in their energy future,” said Chad Forcey, PennCEF executive director. “My first-hand experience with the agriculture community has made it abundantly clear there is great support for responsible renewable development in rural Pennsylvania.”

“I invested in solar energy on my farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania,” said Dr. John Lehman. “All of Pennsylvania stands to benefit from increased job growth and economic development, while helping to protect our national security and increasing citizens’ land rights, which are currently held back by red tape.”

Lehman, who served as U.S. Navy Secretary from 1981-1987 under President Ronald Reagan, is a Pennsylvania farmer and a member of the PennCEF Leadership Council. 

“Clean energy has become cheaper and easier to produce than ever, and the market is demanding more of it,” said John Storey, PennCEF Harrisburg director. “As a result, utility-scale renewable developments are becoming more common in rural Pennsylvania, and local residents are experiencing new economic development opportunities, local job growth, and additional tax revenues for schools, roads, and emergency services. We’re excited to launch the Pennsylvania Land & Liberty Coalition to help more communities across the state experience those same benefits.”

About Land & Liberty Coalition

The Land & Liberty Coalition is committed to fostering commonsense local government policies that advance renewable energy, increase financial security and protect private property rights. The Coalition’s goal is to empower individuals and communities to take control of their energy future by providing relevant information and helping local citizens organize as effective advocates. For more information, visit

About PennCEF

The Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum is an organization comprised of conservative individuals, organizations, and businesses who want the state to develop an all-of-the-above, diversified energy portfolio that places emphasis on increasing clean, renewable and efficient energy sources. PennCEF believes that a diversified energy portfolio will create jobs, increase economic investment in the state, conserve our natural resources, protect our grid and national security, and position Pennsylvania as a leader in energy development for decades to come.

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Chad Forcey comes to PennCEF with considerable experience in the world of advocacy. Forcey served the Irrigation Association and the PA Landscape and Nursery Association. He was the personal aide to Governor Mark Sweiker during his tenure in Harrisburg. An articulate spokesperson and seasoned writer, he works to educate, advocate, and engage Pennsylvanians to transition to clean energy in ways that bring jobs to the Commonwealth, make sense economically, protect land rights and guard our national security.
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